Due to the cancellation of the 7th Annual SWMO Hot Rod Hundred, and because the T-Shirt design is too cool to hang onto for next year’s events, the CrossMembersCC decided to go ahead and open up an online store to allow those who would like to purchase the T-shirts to do so.

Please note that the profits from the sales of the merchandise will go to our annual donation to the Light for the Lost cook teams missions projects, so not only will you get a cool t-shirt, but you will help spread the Gospel around the world and will also be promoting small business by helping B-Scott studio keep some production going while this COVID-19 economic impact is going on.

The store will be open for pre-ordering T-shirts through April 18. After April 18, we will send the order to B-Scott Studio to have them print the shirts and ship them to us. Once we receive them, they will be shipped out to you.

(Pricing includes the shipping costs, so there are no surprises when you check out at the end of your transaction.)

The CrossMembersCC greatly appreciates your friendship and the support of these events.

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